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Permitted Countries - email blocked, but what country did it come from?

We have enabled Permitted Countries in Reflexion. Now I wish that we hadn't.

Why you ask? Many inbound email messages from various senders are being marked as SPAM for one message, and then not SPAM for the next message. Sender domains are,,,, etc.

Reason given in Reflexion: "Message was not from one of the user's permitted countries"

Well, that's nice, but not very helpful. A better, more meaningful reason would also include which Country the message is from. This would allow us to add the Country to the Permitted Countries list if we wish.

With the current Reason lacking actual Country information, troubleshooting mail-flow issues and maintaining the Permitted Countries list is much more difficult than it should be.

Please include the Country being blocked in the Reason field, or another applicable field.




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