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This video should be much simpler and clearer, let us know. 

Simplify "Configure SSL VPN" video

I just watched "Sophos Firewall: Configure SSL VPN remote access" video.  The video is confusing! 

The intro states you are going to set up a vpn from a 10 network to a 192 network.  Sounds good.  Except the background shows you are connected to a firewall at  That's weird!  My initial expectation was that the firewall is on the same subnet as the resources we want available.

After watching this a few times, I have figured out that the firewall is probably on VLAN 1 and is on a 10./24 network.  There is a second VLAN that is on a network of  Actually, a bit clever security wise; never seen it done this way.

But it is overly complicated for a video on setting up a VPN.  K.I.S.S.  Cut out the VLANs and just set it up as a simple firewall.  

Thank you.