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page Feedback.

I was looking at what seems to be the landing page for the Sophos Firewall?  I only found it because there is an announcement for the OS version 19 and I clicked Sophos Firewall.  

I'm really surprised at how lost I'm getting at trying to find information and documentation on the new products and services we just bought.  I downloaded Sophos for Virtual Environments and while running the exe, it has a link on the Pre-requisites screen but it just takes you to the base documentation site.  When you go there, it has a list of things, documents, community posts, etc.  There is a big search bar and one figures, maybe I just search for what I want.  When you do, you get all sorts of results, not just documentation, not just the latest of documents either. 

Unless I'm going about it the wrong way.  Why is there no main landing page for products? With things like, getting started, tips, manuals.  Then let people find the community and historic documents.  I would hope by now that I'd have found a document for two different products to answer two simple questions:

!. How to install the for virtual product, I've seen several guides that mention configure and uninstall the security vm and guest vm agent, but not installing it. 

2. For the firewall OS (iso) is there a list of supported hardware, and what is the default password for the console. 

All of this is out there but I'm astounded that I haven't ran into it yet and just how scattered difficult to find things are. 

My suggestion is that there be a landing page for each with useful links like download, getting started, manual, best practices, community link, etc. 

If this already exists or I've gone very wrong in looking up information, let me know!