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Link to "NEW" Custom Dashboard Doc and then blocking feedback (this page) the link on the page sent to.

If you are going to give users a link to a new feature documentation then give a link to that documentation page and not to the general documentation for every product. Forcing the user to then have to search for that documentation makes no logical sense. But then the new product or feature probably doesn't work and wastes even more time - the typical.

Also if you are going to give a link to say why your link or help sucks then don't block giving that answer - the link from your main documentation page did that .

Typical sophos lack of thought and programming direction.

When others ask why I would pick anything but sophos for anything, these issues are just more items on that giant list of reasons.

And how many times do you have to ask about accepting cookies that nobody wants or needs. Cookies need to go away. Ask also blocks features of your web pages - making this site even more useless.

  • Hi  ,
    It's not our intention to link to the main documentation page when we introduce a new feature. We want you to get to the information as easily as possible.
    Would you be able to let me know where you encountered the link and, if possible, the link itself so that we can correct the issue?

    Many thanks in advance,