Under Review

It would be nice for the ZTNA DNS flow to also show the flow for local DNS requests.

I cannot access network resources by name due to having ZTNA installed along side a VPN connection.  It would be nice to understand the flows for our local resources that don't match what's in ZTNA.

It would also be nice if Sophos Created a ZTNA category since none of the existing choices match.

  • Hello David,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community.

    This would be a Feature Request, and your request would be best suited in the following forum https://community.sophos.com/zero-trust-network-access/ as this Documentation channel, is only for Documentation requests.

    I have however gathered your feedback and will pass it down to your Account Manager as a Feature Request, additionally please reach out to your Sales Engineer and or Sales Representative so they can enter the request in our internal system.