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handling of failing processes

Whenever I get stuck by following the prescribed processes (from documentation) I am left without any hint of what to do next and where to find information about my particular scenario. When I search for anything of that nature in the documentation or community section I get thousands of suggestions to read the documentation in all kind of areas but nothing that pertains to my scenario. I cannot specify the problem I am having since the search engine seems to take every single word as search term, resulting in an abundance of 'finding' of all kind of issues. Maybe when I read all of them I find a hint of what to do....

This is very frustrating and time-wasting....

  • Hello  ,
    Thanks for your feedback. Rest assure we're always working hard to find better ways to serve information.

    If you can't find any solution, I would strongly suggest you asking our community for help in the relevant product forum. Either one of our Sophos staff, customer, or partner will likely be able to help you. If not, you can always open a support case by visiting https://support.sophos.com/.

    Hope that helps,