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Following documentation for SSD upgrade for KB-000045830 results in error.


Has the section:

Follow these steps to complete the installation:

Sign in to the CLI console and enter 4 for Device console.
To verify if the upgrade is available, enter the following command:
system ssd show
You will see the details if an upgrade is available.

Following those instructions I get:

Sophos Firmware Version: SFOS 20.0.0 GA-Build222
Model: XGS3300
Hostname: xxx-fw.xxx.com.au

console> system ssd show
% Error: Unknown Parameter 'ssd'

  • I was reporting this as a documentation error - the docs say you can use "system ssd show" as part of the "Steps to upgrade the SSD firmware", and yes this happened over a number of weeks as we had a major project due and weren't getting any outage windows.
    Saying that the error during the installation only happens if it's not installed is kind of chicken-and-egg.
    As it turns out we upgraded from 19.5 (which is explicitly listed in the docs) to 20.0 over Easter and then "system ssd show" started working.
    It may be working for us now, but I believe the documentation should be updated to say "system ssd show only works in 20.0" if that's what's going on?

  • Hi ,

    If the error remains, kindly contact our Support team. Thank you.

  • Hi ,

    The error will show if the hotfix is not yet fully installed on your firewall. Are you still receiving the same error if you again run the same command?