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DDNS Discontinuation - not very well thought out

We are discontinuing Sophos DDNS ( after January 31, 2022. You need to configure a different DDNS provider.

During this process, hundreds of our clients are failing because of this... ok, we knew it, but it cant' be removed.

So I thought looking at the article, surely there's a way to remove this... so I went here...

There is no mention of how to remove this, other than to add a different service. 

There is no mention of how to remediate this without moving to a different service.

So now, because it is stuck and is unable to be removed, we have to edit the VPN files manually, removing the host name and supplying the IP.

I was told by support that 'it will failover seamlessly, it was designed to be a solid solution' - then it was removed, not such a solid solution... oh, and when it gets DDNS stops working, it DOES NOT FAILOVER....