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Bitlocker recovery key not working

I've entered the recovery key but it's not working .

What do I do to reset laptop to factory restore 

  • It's important to double-check the key, and if you need to, turn on Secure Boot in the BIOS. Be careful with advanced changes, and if necessary, talk to a professional.

    Always I suggest people first try the free trial version of the software. Then take any finial decision. I recommend to you using the BLR Data Recovery tool because, most of the time, if you have the Bitlocker key, this software will work. In this many people told me like that.. different different platform.

    Complete info : https://www.blrtools.com/bitlocker-tool.html  download link also available on this page, hope it's fruitful for you to get your recovery key

    Note: I really think you should try the free version of this software first.