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Advisory: Sophos Endpoint "Your connection isn't private" after reboot

For those of us who do not spend all our time on the internet or in email, the notification of the above - because it was sent out via email, was not able to be received because logging on to email caused the 'Your connection isn't private' response. 

Am I the only one who spent many hours trying to wade through Microsoft settings and updates trying to understand what problem may have occurred and how,  without being any the wiser nor being able to resolve the problem that showed as access to most internet and website activity that had previously worked OK, being prevented?

The description of the problem in your KB-000045954 is rather technical for the average non-tech human and the ability to access SMS notification could also not be 'seen'  because of the problem itself. My only indication that something was not right with Sophos was that I could ask for (select) a scan to be be carried out and the scan appeared to start but never progressed beyond 0%.

I confess that my underpowered and limited-storage (memory) laptop showed all sorts of weird effects (including rapidly disappearing memory, BSODs and strange delays in processing actions) that were indications of the usual unannounced and crippling Edge updates that Microsoft carry out, so I had assumed that the problem was of Microsoft's making. Hence the first port of call was to swear about 'another MSoft update that has reset some detailed settings AGAIN!'

A mechanism to alert users other than by email would have been useful - I note that the amber-coloured 'Advisory' is now shown, but there was nothing shown a few days ago when I logged in to the Sophos web site to instigate a scan (that never progressed beyond 0%).


  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the feedback. 

    We regret to hear about your experience and any inconvenience this may have caused. I have followed up with our Sophos Home Support team, who will be reaching out to you to assist with any ongoing issues you're facing.

    When major incidents occur, we strive to inform our customers through various communications channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and Sophos Community banners. When one platform may be inaccessible, the other channels are there to ensure our customers stay informed. 

    If you need clarification on any ongoing issues, our Community Support team will gladly assist you. Sophos Home Premium customers can also get support through the Sophos Home team on Twitter/X and the Sophos Home Support portal. For the most efficient responses, I recommend contacting us via the Community Forum or Twitter/X.