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SFOS 17.5.5 MR-5 - MTA

I am really getting frustrated with Sophos MTA. IT is a real pain in the B... when it starts failing. I have read a lot of articles tried a whole of solutions and nothing works!  My MTA is only  used inbound. I am not scanning mail outbound. My mail gets accepted by sophos but stays stuck in the queue with a failed notice!. 



I can telnet to port 25 from the sophos to my exchange and send an email. It works fine!! 


A tail of the smtpd_mail.log reveals nothing :

12 static_route_bymx_for_email router called for
14712 domain =
14712 set transport remote_smtp
14712 queued for remote_smtp transport: local_part = minixxxxxxx
14712 domain =
14712 errors_to=NULL
14712 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
14712 routed by static_route_bymx_for_email router
14712 envelope to:
14712 transport: remote_smtp
14712 host [X.Y.4.25]
14712 host [X.Y.4.20]
14712 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
14712 After routing:
14712 Local deliveries:
14712 Remote deliveries:
14712 Failed addresses:
14712 Deferred addresses:
14713 T: remote_smtp:
14713 locking /sdisk/spool/output//db/retry.lockfile
14713 locking /sdisk/spool/output//db/retry.lockfile
14713 locking /sdisk/spool/output//db/wait-remote_smtp.lockfile
14712 LOG: retry_defer MAIN
14712 == R=static_route_bymx_for_email T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host for ''
2019-05-22 11:15:14.336 [14712] c9eZfm-j9CDMM-zO == R=static_route_bymx_for_email T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host for ''
14519 LOG: queue_run MAIN
14519 End queue run: pid=14519
2019-05-22 11:15:14.336 [14519] End queue run: pid=14519
31226 child 14519 ended: status=0x0
31226 normal exit, 0
31226 0 queue-runner processes now running

a tcpdump of the smtp traffic to my mail server does not reveal any errors ..


I am at a complete loss.... 

restarted services, rebooted my mail server... I really need help in solving this issue.



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