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Phishing Outlook Addin runs forever


I am currently testing the Sophos Outlook Addin for reporting potentially dangerous mails. When I try to report a phishing campaign mail then this mail gets recognized as an sophos fake phishing mail and it shows an appropriate prompt in outlook.

But when I try to report any other mail that hasn't to do with a phishing campaign than the addin 'rotates' forever after I click yes in the prompt for reporting. Do we have to set a firewall rule for that? I use Outlook Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. When I try to close Outlook I get a promt with a warning that Add-Ins are still running.

Best regards

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  • Hi Kushal,

    thanks for your answer. Unfortunately that didnt helped. It works neither in Outlook nor in Outlook OWA. Same behaviour. Ive seen that we are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 on-premise. Could this cause such problems?

    Best regards

  • Hi AndreB, we have the same problem with Exchange 2019 and Outlook 2019. We dont know how to solve it. Do you know it yet?

  • Hi David,

    not yet. Based on the face that there is no addin for mobile outlook we decided not to implement the addin. We try to solve it with a linux machine with a special mailbox and mailadress. Employees supposed to send Suspicious mails to this mailbox and so we can check it manually. Its also very good for the sophos phish campaigns. So we can see the employees behaviour.