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Can't create customized landing page

While, yes I can customize the landing page for a credentials harvesting campaign, I can't seem to customize it all the way.  Its very difficult, as you can read below...

You have to choose an attack with a landing page that sort of looks like the way you want it to look.  Then when you edit the page, there's a million DIVs to work around.  You have to be careful not to mess with the username and password fields because if you removed them, there's no way to add them back. When they do get removed it warns you that it can't continue without the field, but there seems to be no way to do this.  And you can't really change much of the formatting because the DIVs use CSS that's hidden away. Also you can't change the page title either.  So I'm stuck sending people to a landing page for a bank and it says Paypal for a title.  That's too easy for my users to spot.  

Maybe I'm missing something big here, but I just want to be able to make my own custom landing pages.  I need to be able to make landing pages for the banks that we use and the software that we use.  I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Most of the landing templates don't apply to us.

I've literally been on hold for 30+ mins with support.  Last time I called, the Phish Threat support agent told me he was not trained on Phish Threat!   I'm hoping that someone here in the forums can help me out.  


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  • Hello Moltron5k,

    Thank you for contacting Sophos Community!

    Yes, it is possible to modify the landing page. However, since this is CSS it is not as easy as you have tested already. Since it is completely customizable it might be a bit difficult to customize 100%

    I would recommend you to right-click on any image you want to modify and try selecting any campaign with the fewer images or links. 


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  • Thanks for the reply.  I did speak to support about it finally, and they said its not possible to do what I want to do.  All I am asking for is to make my own template.  And if I can't do that, I just need a little bit more out of the customization.  Be able to control the landing page title, and be able to insert the username, password, and a button to submit the form.  If that ability could be added, then it should be easy to create something quite different than what is in the templates. 

    I was told to put in a feature request / idea from support.  Have you seen that lately?  Its full of ads, spam, and other garbage.  Is anyone even looking at the feature requests??