News: Feature update



Frequent phishing attacks are now common for IT Managers, with 41% seeing at least daily phishing attacks in a recent Sophos study with Freeform Dynamics. Phish Threat provides a unique window onto the organisation, and its employees susceptibility to attack, through regular phishing simulation tests and engaging training in nine languages, plus full reporting to measure employee awareness. A full summary of the latest improvements to Phish Threat 2 phishing attack simulations and security training is available below:

  • Training campaigns: Enroll employees directly in training without simulation
  • Sending increment: Stagger campaign email sending
  • Training auto-reminders: Send automatic reminders to users with incomplete training
  • Customizable notifications: Customize content of training enrollment and reminder emails
  • Export campaign results to CSV: Download campaign results to CSV
  • Immediate scheduling: Schedule a campaign to launch immediately
  • End campaign: Stop an in-progress campaign from sending emails and collecting results



  • These features have been automatically applied to your Sophos Phish Threat service in Sophos Central
  • Exporting campaign results and ending an active campaign be applied to historic campaigns. All other features are available for newly created campaigns