New Phishing Templates:

We are excited to announce that we have added 15 new phishing templates to our list this month. These templates simulate real-world attacks and seasonal phishing campaigns that the users must be aware of. Check them now in Central.

PhishThreat now provides more than 600 customizable templates in total. You can use the ‘New’ flag to quickly filter these new templates from the exhaustive list. Here is an overview of the new templates that have been added:

  1. New Zealand Post (Credential Harvesting)
  2. Air New Zealand (Phishing)
  3. ANZ Statement (Phishing)
  4. AppleID Password Reset (Phishing)
  5. Discord Policy Update (Phishing)
  6. DoorDash Corporate Benefit (Phishing)
  7. Glassdoor Job Alert (Phishing)
  8. iCloud Storage (Phishing)
  9. Mandatory Training (Phishing)
  10. Miro Profile Removal (Phishing)
  11. Password Expiry Notification (Phishing)
  12. Self-Review Final Reminder (Phishing)
  13. Slack Email Confirmation (Phishing)
  14. Spotify New Email Address (Phishing)
  15. Udemy Business Account (Phishing)


New Training Courses:

With Sophos PhishThreat’s learning partnership with Ninjio, we now offer close to 100 training courses. These courses are short and engaging animated videos dramatizing real-life cybersecurity incidents. The Hollywood-style storytelling makes these courses educational and delightful at the same time. And at the end of the training, a quiz helps ensure that your users know how to handle even the most complex cybersecurity incidents.


Here are the snippets of a couple of training courses:

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