We are pleased to announce the addition of 13 new phishing templates to our library this month.

These templates have been designed to replicate real-world attacks and seasonal phishing campaigns, enabling users to stay informed and vigilant against the latest threats. You can easily access and preview these templates in Sophos Central.

Our template library now offers a very rich set of templates, providing organizations with the resources needed to create effective and targeted phishing simulations. To help you quickly identify these latest additions to the library, we have included a 'New' flag that allows you to filter the list with ease. You can also pick any of these templates and customize them as per your need.

We have also added 2 new training courses recently. These are short and engaging animated videos that dramatize real-life cybersecurity incidents in a Hollywood-style format. At the end of each course, a quiz helps ensure your users understand how to handle complex cybersecurity threats.

We are confident that these new templates and training videos will enhance the effectiveness of your phishing simulations, helping you to better educate and protect your employees.