We are thrilled to share our latest updates for this month.

New Phishing Templates

We've just added 11 new phishing templates to our collection. These templates reflect the latest trends and encompass a range of topics, including ChatGPT/OpenAI, Generative AI, Crypto Investments, and more. These templates are good to go in all the languages we support, and they can be tweaked easily to fit your specific needs.

As always, you can use the 'New' flag to filter the new templates from the extensive list.


New Training Courses:

In addition to the new templates, we've introduced 2 new training courses this month. These courses feature short, impactful videos that showcase real-life phishing incidents. The training videos are followed by quiz questions designed to ensure your users test their knowledge and remain vigilant in the face of potential threats.


We sincerely hope that you like these new templates and training videos and use them to augment the efficiency of your phishing simulations, contributing to a higher level of education and protection.

Go ahead and make the most of these new resources. Stay secure..!

  • Hi Santosh, I like the new templates. Just one question in regards to the credential harvesting campaigns. The landing pages seem mainly Google login pages and I wonder if you have templates with Microsoft landing pages, which is more used in Business. Of course we can modify, but would help to have them ready to use. Thanks a lot,and best regards, Sylvia