• Latest Phish Threat template: Uber data breach

    Uber's been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The most recent example being news that the company failed to disclose -- and attempted to cover up -- a 2016 data breach affecting an estimated 57 million Uber passengers and drivers.

    Of course, this is just the kind of event that attackers take advantage of to prey on consumers' fear. 

    To help our Sophos customers prepare their employees, Phish Threat has…

  • Phish Threat adds two trainings and eleven new phishing templates

    By popular demand, we added two new training modules to Phish Threat in October. Both trainings are available to all Phish Threat customers.

    • Intro to Phishing (2 min): this short phishing overview is perfect for new users and covers the basics of how to spot a phish.
    • Public Wi-fi (5 min): this training exposes the dangers of connecting to public wi-fi hotspots through an engaging first-hand demonstration. 

    The following…