SEC 5.5.2 wont upgrade


We tried to upgrade SEC 5.5.0 to 5.5.2. At first attempt we had tu upgrade SQL 2008 wth SP4 that went OK. SEC 5.5.2 upgrade started again, but the in the middle some error stopped upgrade process with server restart request. After restart and SEC 5.5.2 upgrade start again, I receive error:   The current credentials do not permit access to SOPHOS552 database and installer stops.

Please advise.

Best regards 

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  • Hello KingRolo,

    would have referred you to the same thread but had to think about what the problem is and why these steps are necessary (didn't do it then, TL;DT). You've probably already figured out that the presence of the SOPHOS552 database triggers a workflow that makes certain assumptions thus dropping the database is necessary.


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