Lack of Connected Devices showing in Enterprise Console Version 5.52

Hi my first question on the Sophos Community, What I hope is a quick question on the Enterprise Console.
Software in use
Clients, Windows 10 x64 Pro / Windows 7 x64 Pro (Mixed but more Windows 10 than Windows 7)
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Version 10.8
Enterprise Console Version 5.52
Hosting Computer Details
Windows 2019 Server Standard.
Dell 3060 SFF, all imaged from single Windows 10 image.
What's working ok
Update Managers are updating ok.
New Installations pushed from the Enterprise Console ok.
Reporting emails from Enterprise Console ok.
Emails from clients ok.
What's not working
This week I have noticed that in the Enterprise Console the number of connected devices only shows as 1, which that device that can be seen host the Enterprise software and the Sophos Endpoint.
Sometimes the connected device goes upto 10, and managaged devices listed as 120.
What's been tried
The hosting server has been Rebooted and Windows Updates have be installed and check.
Client Device has been checked and they are updating from the Hosting Shares.
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