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Please for the love of god someone help me

i cant delete sophos endpoint my mate downloaded it on my pc im not part of a business or anything please someone help me delete it man ive tried the videos and all and there isnt any tamper protection please someone help me cancel my trial or something im not trolling i just wanna get rid of it cos im not part of a business and it isnt letting me download files that  i know are safe

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  • Once the trial ends, updating will stop working on the device. Depending on which agent you have installed, there may be a grace period where Sophos will continue to work normally even after the expiry period. 

    When running Sophos Zap on a test Windows 11 device, I can see it complete successfully. Are you running the tool using the command line as mentioned in the KBA

    1. Turn off tamper protection.
    2. Download SophosZap.
    3. Confirm that its version is 1.4.146:
      1. Right-click SophosZap.exe.
      2. Select Properties.
      3. Check File version in Details tab.
    4. Open Command Prompt with admin privilege.
    5. Change the path to the current location of SophosZap.exe.
    6. Run the command SophosZap --confirm.
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