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Unable to disable tamper protection/option is greyed out

My company took over local IT support for a small medical practice and the old IT company left their Sophos Endpoint Protection installed on one of the computers.  I have gotten them on the phone and we tried to remove it, but the option to disable the tamper protection is greyed out.  We were logged in as a local admin and we have the tamper protection password but it won't allow us to enter it anywhere.  How can we remove the software?

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  • Hi Kyle, sorry to bump this old thread, but are there instructions for manually disabling tamper protection if that article does not work?

    SImilar to the original post, after acquiring a company, some of their machines still have Sophos installed, but many of the registry keys mentioned there are missing, and all of the sophos services are disabled and unable to be modified.

    Appreciate any help you can provide!