Location Detection Not Changing


I have a Windows 10 client laptop with Sophos Endpoint Security and Control & dual location setup. When the laptop connects up to our VPN it should change to Primary and then when off the VPN it is on the Secondary location. It does work for about 4 weeks or so, but then we run into an issue when the location doesn't change at all after connecting to the VPN, it stays on Secondary even after giving it time to update.

We checked the DNS information for the laptop connection which matches with what we've set in Sophos Enterprise Console, the policies are up to date and comply with the Enterprise Console. The only way we can fix it, is to turn off the Sophos Client Firewall service on the client laptop and then switch it back on, after that it detects the change to Primary. Updates are successful when testing it and because it's only affecting one computer within a group, we know there's nothing wrong with the policy settings.

Has anyone come across this kind of issue before and found a possible fix/workaround for this please?

Kind Regards.