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"Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix " in cloned virtual machines

Hello everyone.
Please tell me.

Linux (CentOS 7) is cloned in the virtual environment.
Currently I have cloned it with Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux installed
You can not manage the correct number from Enterprise Console.

I think that it is probably consistent with the following events.
This is a Windows version, but where on Linux should you change?

Also, as we plan to clone it and increase it in future,
I will prepare the master image with reference to the following.
Because it is also a Windows version, where should I change for Linux?

Sophos Enterprise Console: 5.5.0
Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux: 9.14.0 VE 3.69.2


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  • Hello yakitori_no3,

    these are persistent virtual machines? I would have thought that this has already come up here, apparently it hasn't.

    Installation on Linux doesn't take long even if it involves Talpa compilation. I'm not sure that there's much advantage when it's already in the image. Haven't found an article that describes how the installation could be reset.

    I'd create a package using mkinstpkg and install on the template machine while it is disconnected (similar to the instructions for Mac OS X), then take the image.
    The OS X article also describes how to reset RMS if necessary by deleting/changing the relevant files, names are magent.private and mrouter.private, path is /opt/sophos-av/RMS/ though. Not sure if /opt/sophos-av/engine/machine_ID.txt can stay.