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No signs of life of the Antivirus after a successful installation on Ubuntu 18.04



eventually I do see signs of life:


However the ENDPOINT COMPLIANCE SCANNER REPORT doesn't detect anything:




I've installed it by running the script, answered all questions and even saw it prints that installation is complete and my computer is protected.

however I fail to see any signs of life in running processes, even after reboot.

Also a certain endpoint (of Checkpoint company) fails to detect any Antivirus on the system.

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  • Hello Leonid Brandes,

    Officially they support only Win and Mac (bold emphasis mine)
    well, whoever they are, they don't support Linux. And if you could get away with mimicking a Mac AV (or protection suite) then I'd not really trust this Compliance Scanner. Disquieting enough it didn't say        Unsupported (or unwanted) OS in the first place.


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