Hi Everyone, 

Endpoint Security and Control v10.8.9 for Windows has been released to the Preview subscription.

New features

This release includes support for the Vivaldi browser, including web protection, web control, download reputation, and data leakage prevention.

This release includes data leakage prevention support for computers with secure boot turned on.

Sophos Patch Agent now supports Windows 2019 Server.

Updated components

Sophos Anti-Virus has been updated to

Sophos Endpoint Defense has been updated to

Sophos Patch Agent has been updated to 1.0.314.11.

The threat detection engine has been updated from 3.77.1 to 3.79.0.

Resolved issues

Resolved issues for this release.
Issue ID Component Description
WINEP-21540 Sophos Anti-Virus Resolved an issue in which custom ports weren't retained after upgrade.