How to enable Remote Assistance for Data Collectors

If you run into issues with a log collector or NDR Sensor and call Sophos support for assistance you can now enable remote assist to allow them direct access to the Data Collector.

Sophos Support:

Sophos support can provide assistance in troubleshooting the data collector and may need to request access to the device. The Data Collector now includes a secure remote assistance interface that you can enable when working with  our support team. The remote assistance feature can be turned on from the Sophos Central -> Threat Analysis Center -> Integration page from the Data Collectors tab as an available action for the individual data collector. 

Central page: 

For Remote Assist to work the data collector will need to be on-line.

From the Threat Analysis Center, Integrations, Data Collectors page you have a new Action available.

Selecting Remote Assistance will open a confirmation dialog that allows you to turn it on for 24 hours to allow support access.

Once enabled and saved if the data collector is in a connected an Access ID will be shown.   You will need to provide the Access ID to support.

Remote assistance will automatically turn off after 24 hours, or you can turn it off manually in the console.