Coming in May/June 2024 - NDR ISO image

NDR ISO Image for Certified Hardware Coming Soon!

We're thrilled to share a major update on our NDR (Network Detection and Response) capabilities. Our team is in the final stages of developing an ISO image for installing NDR on certified hardware. This enhancement addresses the needs of users dealing with higher network traffic and distributed branch offices without a host for the virtual appliance.

Key Highlights:

  1. Extended Network Support:
    • The NDR Sensor, when deployed on supported virtual appliances (VMWare ESXi, MS HyperV, and AWS AMI), is currently limited to 1Gbps of network traffic. This limitation poses a challenge for accounts with higher traffic or distributed branch offices.
    • Our upcoming ISO image deployment will support Small, Medium, and Large network environments, accommodating up to 40Gbps and 120K connections/second.

License Information:

  • Your existing NDR product license or Integration license does not need to be changed.
  • The Sophos NDR product license is determined by the number of users and servers in your environment. With this license, you are authorized to deploy as many NDR sensors as needed.
  • When the ISO deployment option becomes generally available, you can select it during the appliance setup and follow provided instructions for deployment on certified hardware.

Certified Hardware Requirements:

  • To utilize the ISO image, customers must acquire certified hardware from vendors such as Dell.
  • Important: Deploy the ISO only on certified hardware. While the image may work on other hardware, it cannot be supported, and functionality issues may arise.
  • The hardware purchase and any associated warranties are the customer's responsibility. Sophos does not have a reseller agreement with the certified hardware providers, and the hardware cannot be purchased through Sophos.

Certified Hardware Specifications:

  • For detailed specifications, refer to our Certified Hardware Specification Sheet

LINK to Certified HW Specification Sheet: 

NDR HW Specs .xlsx

Learn More:

  • For further information on the NDR ISO image deployment option, feel free to reach out to Karl Ackerman at