This EAP is a persistent program where you can subscribe to the latest and greatest new features and fixes. Participants are encouraged to try out these features and provide feedback to or development team to help improve the product. 

Improvements in 10.3.0

  • Network extension improvements
    • Improved compatibilty with 3rd Party vendors during network traffic interception
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Cisco Jabber
      • Kaseya
      • Git
      • Splunk
      • Swyx
      • Docker
      • Microsoft Teams
      • JAMF Self Service Applications
      • Node.js
      • ZScaler
      • NFS mounts
  • CryptoGuard performance on system boot
    • Improved system interaction to optimize boot performance
    • Eliminates hangs during boot on macOS 12 Monterey
  • Scan Extension performance on macOS 12 Monterey
    • Optimized throughput to process scan actions more efficiently
    • Improved file scanning and reduced queue saturation
  • CPU usage/slow down during macOS updates
    • Reduced interactions with macOS Update processes
    • Provided more streamlined actions for trusted OS processes