DLP Block message missing

Hi Folks,

Currently setting up a DLP policy for my company. The rules we have set up work as expected, for instance the rules we have set up to "Allow transfer if user confirms" successfully prompt the user with a popup that asks them to confirm/ block a file transfer that they've initiated, with the custom "file transfer confirmation message" that we have set on the policy included on that.

However when a file transfer is successfully blocked by one of the rules (for instance for containing highly confidential information) there is no popup or feedback to the user that states why the file was blocked, we have "the file transfer block message" set and enabled in the "messages for end users" section at the bottom of the policy but for some reason this isn't being shown when file transfers are blocked. 

Is there somewhere else this needs to be enabled? It seems strange that the allow/block message is being shown correctly but the block message isn't as it seems that they are both enabled in the same way.

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