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We've been using Sophos for two years now. However, for the first time, we're encountering an issue during installation. An error indicates that the following privileges are missing: SeSecurityPrivilege. We've tried installing with a domain admin account and others, but we always end up with this error. Could you please help us?

Thank you.

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  • Hi CSDF Informatique,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    I'd suggest checking the following article, namely the section included below. Changes will need to be made to the local security policy on the affected device.
    - SophosSetup.exe precheck messages

    Missing Privileges

    All or some of the following required privileges are missing: SeShutdownPrivilege, SeBackupPrivilege, SeRestorePrivilege, SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege, SeSecurityPrivilege

    You must assign these privileges in the Local Security Policy console, expand "Local Policies" and click on "User Rights Assignment."

    Configure security policy settings

    The above privileges translate to the below User Rights Assignment settings:

    SeShutdownPrivilege: Shut down the system
    SeBackupPrivilege: Backup files and directories
    SeRestorePrivilege: Restore files and directories
    SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege: Take ownership of files or other objects​​​​​​​
    SeSecurityPrivilege: Manage auditing and security log

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  • If you run a command prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator and run 

    whoami /priv

    It will show the privileges that can be enabled or disabled for an account.

    This is an admin account, so it has the SeSecurityPrivilege (near the top of the list, not the highlighted one):

    If you do the same as a non admin launch cmd.exe:SeSecurityPrivilege is not listed as a privledge:

    This doesn't matter so much, the key thing is that the account has the Privilege, not that it's enabled as the installer can enable the privilege.

    The setting can be seen here as: "Manage auditing and security log":

    Administrators should have this. Something to check.