Sophos Install and Uninstall on Mac OS 14.2

I am struggling to install the endpoint agent on Mac OS 14.2 and so I decided to uninstall on my test Mac and reinstall to try to figure out the instructions and now I'm stuck. I ran the uninstall (which partially failed) and then deleted the Sophos folder from the Applications folder and rebooted. I have tried to reinstall and yet now I can not reinstall and I'm not sue what I'm supposed to do to further delete Sophos so that I can reinstall. 

Additionally, the instructions for installing sophos endpoint on Mac OS 14.2 does not work. It would be helpful if more complete instructions can be provided.

So two items:

1. Help me complete the uninstall of Sophos Endpoint on Mac OS 14.2.1 and

2. Help me install Sophos Endpoint on Mac OS 14.2.1.


Eric Svetcov

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