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Manual PUA cleanup required: 'PsExec'

Hey Everyone,

Scratching my head over how to deal with this PAU as I can't find much information on it on the old Google box.

The identified PAU is PsExec located within the ZIP WPJCleanUp, PsExec as well as WPJCleanUp are legitimate Windows resources, however, have the potential to be exploited.

I can't find much information on other than that it can be downloaded from Microsofts site and that it's often use to remove Workplace Joined accounts on endpoints for the purposes for Tenant to tenant migration, Repurpose a device for a different user, Change the license mode for Microsoft 365 on a device.

We migrated from an on-premise environment to Office 365, and this could have been left behind as part of the process. 

I believe the way to deal with this would be just to delete the file and call it a day, however, I want to know how others might have dealt with this PAU in before I proceed. 

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