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Installation issue

2023-08-26T12:10:58.7029144Z INFO : Set security protocol: 00000800
2023-08-26T12:10:58.7029144Z INFO : Opening connection to
2023-08-26T12:10:58.7029144Z INFO : Sending request for connection confirmation through potential proxy
2023-08-26T12:10:58.7029144Z INFO : Request content size: 0
2023-08-26T12:13:04.9416852Z ERROR : WinHttpSendRequest failed with error 12002
2023-08-26T12:13:04.9416852Z INFO : Failed to connect using proxy '' with error: WinHttpSendRequest failed
2023-08-26T12:13:04.9416852Z ERROR : HTTP error: Failed to connect with any proxy
2023-08-26T12:13:04.9416852Z ERROR : System Property Check: ValidDeploymentInfo - FAILED
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1291710Z INFO : Running System Property Check: InstallationInProgress ...
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1291710Z INFO : System Property Check: InstallationInProgress - PASSED
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1916370Z INFO : Running System Property Check: SafeGuardEncryption ...
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1916370Z INFO : Entered installedProductCode, upgradeCode={BA2F47D3-1C17-40E7-8DE7-1CD733442B6C}
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1916370Z INFO : Product is not installed
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1916370Z INFO : licensesContainFeature(DEVICE_ENCRYPTION): false
2023-08-26T12:13:05.1916370Z INFO : System Property Check: SafeGuardEncryption - PASSED

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