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Can not install sophos cloud client ( Windows )

Dear All 

  I would like your support, I try to deploy sophos client to our client, I download installation file from console, but install is failed 

I already check on firewall, it no block,  for log file it show

2023-07-10T05:18:16.0211113Z INFO : Sophos Update Service response: error='200 OK' reason='Presented fixed version token is EOL' code='FIXED_VERSION_TOKEN_EOL'
2023-07-10T05:18:16.0211113Z ERROR : Error: Sophos Update Service failed to provide suites
2023-07-10T05:18:16.0211113Z ERROR : DownloadCommand::onRun() failed with std::exception: SDDS3 sync failed
2023-07-10T05:18:16.0211113Z INFO : Command 'Download' completed with failure with reboot code '0' and error message 'Could not download software'.

can you tel us how to fix it 

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