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Heartbeat for Sophos Protection for Linux (SPL)

How is the current status to get Heartbeat into the SPL client?

 Intercept-X Linux Agent - future of Heartbeat? 

 Sophos Protect for Linux heartbeat? 

 Linux Server protection with Hertbeat 


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  • I had opened a ticket on this late last year after that response you linked to, and basically, SPL still does not support heartbeat.  It is on the development todo list.  I don't think anything has changed in the past year, as near term roadmap means very different things to them than it does to us.  This is sadly typical of Sophos as they retire a product for a newer product that misses important features from the previous product.  See UTM > SFOS

  • they retire a product for a newer product that misses important features from the previous product.

    That is exactly the case here. And unfortunately in the links I shared above, you can find opposite statements about HB Integration in SPL.

    Companies like us that built their Firewall ruleset based on Heartbeat, need to rebuild almost everything when Sophos decides to not bring SPL with that Feature before EOL of the old client.

  •   I hope you could already get an answer from the Linux Agent Dev team?

  • This feature is currently planned but I do not have a time-frame as to when this will be available. I'd suggest sending in a feature request for this, as it allows our product team to better track the needs of our customers. You may also want to reach out to your Sophos Account Manger to provide additional context.

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  • I did and with their answers and the answer here, I conclude, Heartbeat will not come with SPL.

    Not well planned.

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