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MacOS + Minecraft + Sophos = error

Good morning,

It appears as if the specific combination of MacOS Ventura + and attempting to run Minecraft (Education Edition) produces an error in Minecraft (global resources reset, unable to load). This error does not appear in the same circumstances when either switching off Sophos or running Sophos and Minecraft on Windows.

The error message is indicative of a policy blocking Minecraft from accessing a resource file during loading. The program loads initially, there is no issue with web filtering, and there is no log of Sophos actively flagging a file/behaviour when looking in the portal after.

We are trying to find the specific policy, if any, within Sophos which the issue can be pinned on.

Is there any advice/resolution in sight for this?

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  • You will need to raise a case with our support team so a special build can be provided for testing purposes. 

    • Barracuda VPN Client intermittent drops (MACEP-7110)
    • Minecraft Education Edition - Sign-in prompt freezes (MACEP-7336)
    • NFS Shares on hosted Debian VMs dropping (MACEP-7494)

    As this is a rare situation, the customers impacted must raise a support case. Sophos Global Escalations (GES) has special builds available to test whether this defect is the cause of the issues.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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