Word 365 crashes


since a few days word is crashing by starting on my windows 11 pc.Microsft 365 is installed in the version 16.0.15726.20262.

Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint are working well. Now i have disable the sophos protection on my endpoint and after this word is starting without any issues.

I have checked the sophos eventlog, but there is no entry. So what can I do?

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  • The Agent is a bit old, at least not the most current ones. I would try to enable EAP program in Central for one of the affected machines and wait until it installs the latest beta. Then test again.

    Should look like that on the Endpoint then:

    Now that you found the module causing the issue, it should be possible for Sophos support to assist you with that issue. I would file a case after you recreated the issue with a clean Office installation and with Office in safe mode as suggested by @qoosh

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