Password Sophos Secure for SEDEnabled data on Mac High Sierra

Hi to everyone.

I'm new and newby.

I've been try to solve an installation of Endpoint Protection on Mac High Sierra 10.13.6.

Unfortunately, I've deleted this device from Sophos Central (due to a precedent problem).

User have removed your local installation, deleting the files individually.

With another Mac device I've recoverd "Remove Sophos Endpoint" (from "Remove Sophos").

With this tool, I think to have removed completely Endpoint installation.

Now, when I try to install a new one Endpoint Protection (ver. 1.3.4) fail on request "Sophos need data SEDEnabled. Digit password for Sophos Secure" (translated to Italian).

The same that happen on [].

Local admin password do not work.

I've recovered Tamper Protection password, but neither that works.

On Mac keychain there isn't any Sophos key.

Someone can help me, please


  • Hi to everyone.

    I'm sorry for the long late to my reply (this isn't my primary job).

    I've tried to remove Sophos Endpoint Protecton deleting any key, any presence I found on that Mac OS.

    But when I try to install a new one instance, any try is blocked by a misterious authentication request.

    That dialog appears before admin privileged request for installation process (for this I know the password).

    Nor "Tamper Protection" password works.

    Choosing "Deny" (Rifiuta) do not complete succesfully the installation.

    The user i'm using have administrative privileges.
    Does not have any kind of problem managing installations or other administrative processes.

    Maybe isn't a Sophos problem, but depends from OS stuff ?!

    Maybe there's some services / daemons running from preceding installations ?

    The user I'm using have adminstrative privileges.

    Someone else had been behaviours like these ?

    Attached there is a screenshot of what happen at beginning of Sophos Endpoint Protection intsllation.

    Any help are appreciate.
    Many thanks in advance.


  • Hello Roberto,

    I have reached out to you via DM to share some further troubleshooting steps. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Global Community Support Engineer
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