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WSUS Updates on 2012/2016 with Lockdown


we have installed last week the Lockdown for our windows 2012 & 2016 server.

Now we can't installed any updates from our WSUS Server like Defender Updates.

What exactly we need to do that Updates from WSUS are allowed?

Many thank's


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  • Hello,
    thanks for the info but I wonder why this is not documented in Sophos KB-000035355.
    It makes a big difference if you have to install Defender manually or if the installer does it on its own.
    Moreover, it does not solve the problem that the server after a Windows update and a reboot can no longer load its roles!
    What solution does Sophos have here?

    Many thank's


  • Personally I would'nt expect the info of disabling Defender before or after Intercept-X installation in a KB about lockdown.

    And just to repeat, this is not a Sophos issue, it is a Microsoft design flaw.

    But I did not find a prominent KB of Sophos about the need (you "need" to disable defender, because otherwise you have two active AVs running and slowing down the machine) to disable MS Defender with a quick search. All the Intercept-X System requirements refer from one KB to the other and I did not find a note about Defender in them.

    Anyway, what do you mean with "roles"?

  • Of Course i could be a design Problem by MS but a note in the documentation of Sophos whoud be very good in that case because a DC is a very sensitive system.

    With Roles i meen evething what a DC can have like DHCP, DNS, ADDS ect. after update of MS-Patch all that didn't come up!

  • Hello RemoHehlert,

    If you wish to investigate the issue with your Server Roles further, I recommend opening a support case with our team.

    In the meantime, I will reach out to our documentation teams to see if we can update the Server Lockdown FAQ with some information regarding Windows Defender. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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