WSUS Updates on 2012/2016 with Lockdown


we have installed last week the Lockdown for our windows 2012 & 2016 server.

Now we can't installed any updates from our WSUS Server like Defender Updates.

What exactly we need to do that Updates from WSUS are allowed?

Many thank's


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  • OK i have to remove Sophos Antivirus first, then it was possible to remove Devender.

    Afer that I installed sophos again an do a lockdown.

    Yesterday i installed some new updates from MS and that one coud be installed, I restart server.

    Very nice the server cames up and cound load his roules!

    After unlock the Lockdown every thing is working again.

    So for me i'm wondering why the installation of Sophos are not disable the defender or give a note pls. uninstall it first and why the server could load his Roles is Lockdown is aktive and some MS Pachtes are installed??

    So pls Sophos Support investigate whats going on!!