Sophos update

Sorry, I'm a newcomer hoping this is the correct group, if not, please excuse.

Since some weeks I recieve the following information in the log file:

Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): CustomFileMap::CustomFileMap.  CachePath = C:\ProgramData\Sophos\AutoUpdate\cache
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): CustomFileMap::Read: Subfolder = ntp64 productID = {8087796B-2289-4897-98A5-58FF23DAAFD0}
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): CustomFileMap::Read: File path = C:\ProgramData\Sophos\AutoUpdate\cache\ntp64.custom
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): CustomFileMap::Read: File exists and appears valid.
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): SetupAction::Run: Prepare succeeded
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:12): SetupAction:: Update Mode for Sophos Network Threat Protection is: 0
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:15): ALUpdate(Install.Failure): Installation of product Sophos Network Threat Protection failed because of an unexpected error
Trace(2020-Sep-18 15:17:15): Setup action thread finished with result state 0

I cannot find any hint, what the reason for the unexpected error may be. Do you have an idea?

I'm running windows 10 (64-bit), all reasonable updates are made.



  • Is that Sophos Enterprise Console managed?  The alupdate.log?  If so, the install log for NTP will be in \windows\temp\ if the install is attempted by AutoUpdate. If it's you running the install it will be in %temp%  In either case you should be able to find the Sophos network threat protection install log file.  Can you link it?