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Certificate for Sophos Web Protection Warnings?


in Sophos Web Protection (via Sophos Central / Sophos Endpoint Protection) if you want to access a blocked website, sophos answers the http/https-request instead of the internet web server with a "website blocked" notice. Unfortunately it does it without encryption. So if we try to access a https website, our browser throws an ssl error because the sophos notice site isn't encrypted where it should have been.

As the user wanted to access another destination in the first place, everyone would assume a problem at the webhoster and noone gets the idea that Sophos Endpoint Protection kicked in and caused the error. Is there a possibility to get a certificate and make Sophos display it's warnings with ssl?


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  • Hi  

    This is by design, There is no visible indication provide for HTTPS page interceptions. HTTPS websites will display a message that  Website cannot be found and no toast notification will be displayed. Kindly check this article for your reference. 


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  • Hello Robert,

    this seems to be a misconception w.r.t. SSL or rather TLS. You can't just get a certificate and display warnings with [TLS]. Amongst other things a secure connection prevents connection hijacking and man-in-the-middle attacks. A certificate is not something you simply slap on your data to make the browser accept it instead of someone else's. And you can't encrypt the mimicked response with an arbitrary key. Otherwise a crook would merely have to divert the traffic to his encrypted site.