As previously communicated, from the beginning of June, no new customers are able to enroll into the XDR & EDR Data Lake Endpoint and Server early access programs (EAPs).  For customers who were already enrolled, they are no longer able to assign new devices into the EAPs.  

From Monday, June 21st we will make the following changes for customers enrolled in the EAPs: 

  • EDR/MTR: Enrolled devices for these customers will continue to upload data to the Data Lake, but they will no longer be able to query email or firewall data.
  • Intercept X Advanced: Live Discover will be removed from enrolled devices; they will be able to see Live Discover in Sophos Central, but they won’t see Endpoint queries and if they try to run Data Lake queries they’ll receive a ‘Customer not licensed' error.   

The XDR & EDR Data Lake Endpoint and Server Early Access programs remain on track to close permanently on Monday, the 2nd of August, and at that point any enrolled devices will revert to their recommended software version.

How can I test out the new EDRv4 and XDR capabilities?

Existing Central customers can start an in-product trial by clicking the 'Free Trials' link in the bottom of the Left Hand navigation menu in Sophos Central:

  • Non EDR customers looking to try out EDR can start an Intercept X Advanced with EDR Endpoint and/or Server trial.
  • Customers licensed for EDR can test out XDR capabilities by starting an XDR trial.

New customers who start a Central trial will receive a license which gives 30-day access to the Sophos Data Lake and will be licensed to send all cross-product data into the Sophos Data Lake. If looking to start a new Central trial, click here