Search - Schema update and refresh

For those participating in the XDR Features Early Access Program (EAP) and utilizing our Threat Analysis Center's Search capability, we have an exciting announcement. We are currently in the process updating the user interface in preparation to broadening access to this feature for all XDR customers.

This week, in preparation for a new Graphic User Interface (GUI) we are planning to launch, we will be updating the data schema that the Search feature uses. Please note that due to this update, Search will be temporarily limited to displaying results for data up until June 16th.

The good news is that by the end of June, upon the release of our new GUI for Search, you will be able to access and search data from June 16th onward. While Search won't support accessing older data post-update, you can still access all data via Live Discover queries.

This schema update pertains only to the Search feature and does not impact the data used for Live Discover, Queries, or Investigations.

Here's a brief overview of what you can expect:

Scenario Prior to June 16th 16th to end of June July
XDR customers not in EAP No Search feature No Search feature New Search feature available and can search data from June 16th onward
XDR customers in EAP Search available Search available but limited to data prior to the 16th Updated Search interface and can search data from June 16th onward

We appreciate your understanding during this transition and look forward to providing you with an enhanced search experience soon!