WiFi usage with IPS enabled still not fixed...

I was one of the users who originally reported an issue with the IPS function and WiFi with the EAP -- after the new version was applied, and IPS function re-enabled in the policy, tested again, and same behavior; boot laptop, wifi works for a couple of minutes, then all useful traffic stops (still connected, just no DNS, etc.).  Disconnecting/reconnecting the wifi has no effect; going into Central, disabling IPS in the applicable policy, and rebooting the laptop corrects the issue.  I have a SDU that has data surrounding the timeframe of the test if anyone at Sophos is interested.  Endpoint client shows the following current versions:


Core Agent:  2.5.5 Beta

Endpoint Advanced:

Sophos Intercept X: 2.0.16 BETA

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  • Vincent, is there something newer than the version numbers I posted at the top of this thread?  updates on the client don't reveal any updates to the version numbers of any component (I've been using the laptop all along, just with IPS off so WiFi works).

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