With the Microsoft 365 Data Lake connector along with the Detection and Investigation functionality having reached general availability to all XDR customers we are now in a position where we are ready to close the ‘XDR – Detection and Investigation’ Early Access Program.  This is scheduled to happen on February 28th.

Customers have no action to take and the closure of the EAP will have no impact on the access to those features.

Although these features are generally available, work still continues and over the coming weeks/months you will continue to see enhancements and improvements in the following areas: 

  • Custom time range filters for Data Lake queries
  • Improved data collection for Investigations:
    • Open questions
    • IOC Collection
    • Attachments and images for 'Notes' section
    • Link related Investigations
  • Better Search/filter/sort capabilities for both Investigations and Detections
  • Exporting Detection/Investigations 

Many thanks to everyone who participated and provided feedback during this early access program.