Intercept X with EDR September enhancements

Throughout September we will continue to enhance EDR capabilities and with our latest update we are pleased to announce that the powerful EDR querying and response capabilities of Live Discover and Live Response are now generally available on Mac devices.  Our latest release means that customers licensed for Intercept X Advanced with EDR can now query and remotely access their Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints and servers.

Live Discover Online/Offline status:

One of the top enhancement requests received for the Live Discover feature was for the ability to identify and filter queries based on whether devices were online or offline and you now have the ability to do just that.  As you can see below a new filter has been added to filter devices based on whether they are online or offline and there is also a column which displays whether selected devices to be queried are online or offline:


Live Response device Exclusions:

Live Response now supports the ability to exclude endpoint and server devices from accepting Live Response connections. You can do this from inside the Live Response Global Settings page for Endpoints/Servers and once enabled you will see a new pick list where you can select the devices that you don’t want accepting Live Response connections. After making changes, make sure to click the Save button in the top right to ensure the changes are applied:

As devices are added/removed from the exclusion list those changes are audited to the Central Audit logs:

Try out these powerful new features  

Intercept X and Intercept X for Server customers, as well as customers with other products managed via Sophos Central that want to try out EDR can do so immediately within the Sophos Central console by selecting ‘Free Trials’ in the left-hand menu and choosing the ‘Intercept X Advanced with EDR’ or ‘Intercept X Advanced for Server with EDR’ trials.  

If you aren’t currently using a product managed via Sophos Central take a look at Intercept X, which gives you world class protection against the latest cybersecurity threats in addition to powerful EDR capabilities. Start your free trial today