unfortunately you have not heard anything in the past 6 months about ESH. That should change now. A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. We have several news in the pipeline:

  • ESH for Mac - yes, it's coming. 9.7.3 will include ESH, which basically looks the same as in Windows. 
  • ESH for Servers
  • ESH for Intercept X V.2 - new deep learning and reputation information on files will become visible
  • Update on ESH for Central Device Encryption with network unlock protector

Above has been developed and is in a test phase or is already in release Sophos internally.

I will inform you when the public release dates are closer.

But there is more to come:

  • ESH for Central File Encryption
  • ESH for Central Update Cache and Message Relay

Unfortunately, the above lists do not include ESH for SEC. But it is not forgotten. Next fiscal year will bring some changes, which should include ESH for SEC. However, this is not within the next six months.