Sophos Scan & Clean FAQ

Q: Where do I download Sophos Scan & Clean?
A: Follow these steps:

  • Please download Sophos Scan & Clean here: Free Tools Page
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Click Next to begin a scan
  • Accept the EULA and click Next
  • Click Next to Register Sophos Scan & Clean
  • Click Next to start scanning your computer for malicious content

Q: Is Sophos Scan & Clean available for Mac, IOS or Android?
A: No, Sophos Scan & Clean is only available for Windows computers and tablets. However, if you need to scan Mac computers, we would highly recommend Sophos Home. We recommend Sophos Intercept X for Mobile on Androids and on iOS devices.

Q: Sophos Scan & Clean is detecting a file that I believe is not malicious. What should I do?
A: Post your scan log on the Sophos Scan & Clean community forum here. If it is not malicious the file will be whitelisted.

Q: Sophos Scan & Clean does not detect certain malware.
A: Post your findings in the Sophos Scan & Clean Community forum here.

Q: A Scan with Sophos Scan & Clean takes a very long time.
A: Go to “Settings” and disable the setting “Scan for Malware Remnants” and try again. If you still have problems with scan speed, post a detailed log in the Sophos Scan & Clean community forum here.

Q: I want to scan an external/extra drive with Sophos Scan & Clean. How do I do this?
A: Sophos Scan & Clean only scans the boot drive, and not external or extra drives. 

Q: Still need help?
A: Please feel free to post your question in the Sophos Scan & Clean Community forum here.

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